“Nestico’s skill was evident – an historic slice of brilliance. The whole evening swung to the classics. Currie and the Windjammers were as smooth as ever. This is quite the band, versatile and sophisticated, and able to breeze through tough riffing and bopping like nobody’s business.”

Colleen Johnston, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, on Swingphonic’s Release Concert

“…superbly executed concert. The K-W Region has ample reason to be proud of this unique ensemble called Windjammers…”

D.T. Brown, the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, A Concert Review

“On her new CD, Broadway Baby, Karen K. Edissi is joined by the wonderful Windjammers. Based in Southern Ontario, this eclectic 36-piece group of exceptional players accompanies the voice in swinging and gentle ways and shines in its own right with an overture and entr’acte. Broadway Show Stoppers Overture, arranged by Warren Barker (who provides the bulk of the charts), highlights the extraordinary color of which this group is capable, with their unique combination of stage band and orchestral woodwinds. This showstopper arrangement is the perfect vehicle in which to showcase this extraordinary ensemble. Conductor Harry Currie (who also sings brilliantly on a track) adds the spark by which this engine runs. Great stuff throughout.”

An excerpt from the review by John Adair of Karen K. Edissi’s CD “Broadway Baby” in a 2002 edition of Audiophilia Magazine

“Recently, I had the great pleasure to attend the presentation by the Windjammers, conducted by Harry Currie.  For Those Who Served was a concert of music honouring those who fought in Second World War with a special tribute for the 60th anniversary of the raid on Dieppe.

I was tremendously moved by the sadness of the sacrifice of those young people portrayed, not only by the band but also by the outstanding Perfect 4th Vocal Quartet along with the Shade of Blue choral group.

With a Mennonite background, one that holds pacifism as a major tenet, I am always conflicted over Nov. 11.  This spring, I stood in a Second World War graveyard in Belgium and witnessed the ranks of white gravestones, many of which were inscribed ‘A Canadian Soldier, known only to God.’

Gabriella Currie started the concert with the words, ‘This concert is not to glorify war but to honour those people who fought to preserve our freedom.’ “

LETTER TO THE EDITOR – The Record, Re: Windjammers, For Those Who Served, Nov. 10, 2002 – Peter Etril Snyder, Waterloo